Frequently Asked Questions

Many people believe that circumcision is only performed on newborns, but this is untrue. Although this is the best time to perform the procedure as there is less pain involved and the recovery is easier, men can be (and are) circumcised at any age. Often, this is in response to a medical issue such as phimosis or balanitis, but men choose to be circumcised for a range of reasons.

If performed by an experienced doctor, there is minimal risk. One to three per cent of circumcisions can result in minor complications such as bleeding or infection, though this can usually be managed by your doctor. Issues such as scarring or larger consequences are incredibly rare. To ensure your safety, we schedule a follow-up shortly after the procedure and your doctor will be on call in case you have concerns. 

That being said, circumcision is still a surgery. You should weigh your options and consult with a specialist to ensure that you are making the right choice.

Babies can recover from the procedure within 7-10 days. Older boys and adults typically take longer (2-3 weeks), but should wait 4 weeks before engaging in physical exercise and 6 weeks before engaging in sexual activity. Your doctor will be able to better outline your recovery timeline during your appointment and follow-up.